Men's Snow & Hike Pants

Men's Snow & Hike Pants

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DURABLE: 100% Polyester outer shell protects you from the elements. Whether you’re hiking through rocky mountains, camping in the forest or shredding powder down the slopes, these pants will withstand the outdoors.


WEATHERPROOF: Water repellent surface keeps you dry while inner layer polar fleece keeps you warm. Excellent Gore Tex technology keeps you insulated from harsh conditions.


COMFORTABLE: Very comfortable design and fabric allow for mobility and protection so that you can practice your favorite outdoors activities worry free.


FUNCTIONAL: Two zippered pockets allow you to carry essentials anywhere your adventure leads. The adjustable belt maintains a comfortable fit on the waist. Perfectly designed for winter outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, hunting, and more!


Material: Polyester

Closure Type: Zipper Fly


Sizes may differ from your country's conventional sizing. Please refer to the following chart for your correct fit.


Size Waist Hips Pants Length

68-74 cm

(26.8-29.1 in)

92 cm (36.2 in) 100 cm (39.4 in)

70-80 cm

(27.5-31.5 in)

94 cm (37 in) 102 cm (40.2 in)

76-82 cm

(29.9-36.2 in)

104 cm (40.9 in) 102 cm (40.2 in)

78-93 cm

(30.7-36.6 in)

105 cm (41.3 in) 103 cm (40.5 in)

85-94 cm

(33.5-37 in)

110 cm (43.3 in) 104 cm (40.9 in)

94-106 cm

(37-41.7 in)

117 cm (46 in) 106.5 cm (41.9 in)

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