Ghost & Skull Balaclava

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·        This is a Genuine Quality Ghastly Beanie. High quality polyester to keep you warm.


·        Searching for a bolder unisex accessory? This BLACK BEANIE won't just keep snow off of your skull; it'll kick the first snowflake's ass so hard that the rest will be too scared to even land.


·        Amazingly breathable. Your hair might even look better after you take this RAD BEANIE off than it did before you put it on.


·        This GHASTLY BEANIE is equally at home as a cold-weather fashion statement or as a last resort against the sleeting hail you experience as you chop firewood, win extreme marathons or dig wayward skiers out of avalanches.


·        Each beanie is compact, lightweight and infinitely comfortable, yet they're durable enough to survive a trip to the ice caps of Mars and back.