UV400 Anti Fog Ski Snowboard Goggles

UV400 Anti Fog Ski Snowboard Goggles

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Hit the slopes with clear vision and impact proof protection with your UV400 Anti Fog Ski Snowboard Goggles.

The extra-large spherical lens of UV400 Anti Fog Ski Snowboard Goggles allows unparalleled peripheral vision, while the CPAC Anti-Fog technology provides 5x the fog absorption.

This technology combined with the 100% UV400 protective lens keeps you on the mountain all day, regardless of the conditions. These Snow Goggles are the perfect addition for your next trip to the mountains.



✓ Premium TPU Frames - Incredible frames that form to your face for a secure, comfortable fit.

✓ CPAC Pro Anti Fog Technology - Never worry about steaming up again, the incredible Smart+ Ventilation System and Anti Fog Technology allows unparalleled vision at all times.

✓ 100% UV400 Protection - The detachable lens provides full protection from harmful UV rays, protecting your eyes has never been so easy.

✓ Advanced REVO lens - The advanced REVO lens is constructed with Super Hardening Technology to prevent scratches and cracks. 

✓ Adjustable Straps - The easily adjustable straps allow for a secure, comfortable fit.

✓ Wear Over Glasses (OTG) Design - Need glasses? These goggles will fit comfortably over your glasses allowing you to see clearly all day long.

VLT (Visible Light Transmission) Reference Scope

VLT 0-10% - For sunny days 
VLT 10-25% - For partially clouded to sunny days 
VLT 25-60% - For cloudy days and dusk 
VLT 60-90% - For night and heavily clouded days 


✓ 1x Double Layer Snow Goggles
✓ 1x Goggle Bag 


- Lens Width: 7in (178mm)
- Lens Height: 3.9in (98mm)
- Weight: 6.3oz (180 grams)
- Frame Material: TPU 
- Lens Material: PC